This 30mm/1.2inch "your anxiety is lying to you" enamel pin is the perfect reminder for yourself or a friend. Your anti-anxiety reminder and companion - pop it on your tee, bag or jacket in a choice of four different colours; one of which is LIMITED EDITION. You can find the other colours back at my store (the yellow glitter one is the limited edition!)


♡ Soft enamel pin
♡ Black metal
♡ Rubber clutch back
♡ Approx 30mm in size (roughly 1.2")


♥ Soft enamel: the metal edges are raised instead of the badge being polished flat so it has a nice embossed effect with the coloured enamel paint in recessed wells within the molded metal to make the letters of the phrase "your anxiety is lying to you"
♥ Black coloured metal: the pin itself is made from iron and then the exposed metal "lines" are coloured black to give a nice, even, shiny finish
♥ Rubber clutch back: rubber clutch backs are generally more comfortable to wear, especially directly against the skin; easier to use than metal butterfly clutch backs; and less likely to come off on their own (which is a possibility with metal butterfly clutch backs, meaning the pin may be lost if the clutch back comes off). Rubber clutches can be worn out over time if the pin is taken off and put back on a lot, though, so if you would like a metal butterfly clutch instead, please let me know in a message or in the note to buyer section when you place your order and I'll pop in a metal butterfly clasp for you. This is also worth doing if you plan to put your pin on a thicker material (like a demin jacket).
♥ 30mm size: the pin is approximately 30mm (1.2") tall and a little narrower (approx 25mm) lengthwise (this is just because the design is a little taller than it is wide)

Your anxiety is lying to you enamel pin - blue


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