A HUGE can't-miss-it pin with a pastel crayon style rainbow background and black hand drawn lettering that reads "my immune system is compromised. No, you can't catch my autoimmune disease, but your common cold can make me dangerously unwell."
Seriously. We gotta start thinking with our brains. This awareness pin is HUGE, so will hopefully catch peoples' eyes and raise their awareness too! Even if it's "just a cold".


Before you buy this, please just be aware of the size - I'm not the one who's gonna look like a right plum when you leave a weird review saying it's way bigger than you thought it'd be.


These pins are 75mm (3") in size aka frickin' huge [see photo with English 5p, which is roughly the same as a US dime] and have a metal back with a sturdy pin across the back. If you choose  to get a magnet (if the option is available) then you'll get the same metal back - no pin, strong magnet affixed by yours truly.

Compromised immune system badge, autoimmune disease pins


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