This pin button is aimed at communication and functionality! It has a cornflowery purple-blue background and a green name tag design that reads "hello I am light sensitive". Hopefully this can aid you in situations where photophobia may become an issue.


Three size options:

58mm (2.25") round - a nice round pin, easily readible

44mm (1.75") round - a nice round pin, also easily readible but for more "wordy" hello pins, this may be a bit on the small side to read at a glance

Rectangle (40x60mm) - this is the biggest and most readible, it's rectangular with rounded corners like the traditional "name tags" these pins are modelled after; please note the rectangles will just have a single colour (the colour of the name tag part, with no additional "background" colour like the round pins have).


These badges are also available made with standard white paper (crisp and high contrast, white base, no texture and more easily readible particulary for those with visual impairments) or recycled paper (better for the environment, off white base, slightly muted colours and slight texture with beautiful imperfections).


See photos for a visual comparison of sizes and paper types.

Hello I am light sensitive badge, photophobia pins

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