This badge is a brand spanking new STAR SHAPED pin! All made in house at DoodleHQ, along with everything else in my store (except the enamel pins).
This badge features a gorgeous hand drawn slightly pastelised rainbow background. The text is hand lettered by yours truly and reads "it's actually okay to quit if you need to".

And it's really true, it really is okay. You don't have to justify to anybody. Not even that mean self-critical voice inside your head. To keep going doesn't mean to run yourself into the ground at the expense of your wellness. It's okay to quit.


These badges are approximately 56mm tall and 54mm wide (about 2.2" by 2.125") and are a beautiful five pointed star shape with soft rounded corners! They have a very sturdy metal pin back and are absolutely gorgeous, I am in love with them. There are photos next to a 5p (same size as a US dime) and of me holding the badge in my hand to show size if you're not good with numbers.


Because of the way these badges are made, they have some slight surface bumps on the face, around the internal corners. This is not a flaw, it's just how the front shell, with image and mylar on top, are crimped onto the pinback with pressed with a manual badge machine. See photo for details and be aware of this when you buy these badge.

It's okay to quit badge, star shaped pins


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