This badge is a brand spanking new TRIANGLE SHAPED pin! All made in house at DoodleHQ, along with everything else in my store (except the enamel pins).
This badge features a multicoloured background with rainbow confetti and white text, bordered in black, that reads "my choice to be child free is not an attack on your lifestyle. I am not obligated to have kids, or explain why I don't want them".
Stop asking people when they're gonna have kids. Stop asking people when they're gonna have more kids. Just stop asking damn invasive questions.


These badges are approximately 62mm tall and 70mm wide (about 2.45" by 2.75") and are a beautiful equilateral triangle shape with rounded corners! They have a very sturdy metal pin back and are absolutely gorgeous, I am in love with them. There are photos next to a 5p (same size as a US dime) and of me holding the badge in my hand to show size if you're not good with numbers.

My choice to be child free badge, triangle pins


    Leeds, United Kingdom

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