Don't like bigots? Awesome. Repel them with this badge. Tbh as soon as they see it they'll probably say something like "but what about people who [insert bigotted thing here] are they bigots?" yeah they are pal, and you just outed yourself.

These badges have either a white or a dusty purple background with black text that reads "bigots" over which there is a big red circle with a line through it.


Want both? Save a bit by getting them together with the "gimme both!" option!


This badge is 25mm (or 1") which makes it pretty darn small and cute! There's a photo of me holding it in my hand showing the scale.

No bigots badge

  • Any pins, patches or prints can be ordered in bulk and I can provide a wholesale price upon request, just ping me a message! There is a minimum unit order for bulk discounts; the more you order the better deal you'll get, up to 60% off. In the case of pin buttons, charges for preparing artwork/text start at £2.50. For patches, this custom charge is from £5. Custom art/text prep charges depend on the complexity of the design and comes down to time spent on said prep. :)

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