A reminder.

It's hard to take self care seriously. At least for me it is. So this badge is a reminder. And I know that I'm not the only one who finds it hard to look after myself.

This badge has a streaky multicoloured background with black text that reads "self care isn't selfish". The holo version has a holo background with the same black text.


Want the holo too? Select it on the options - you'll save a little bit of money buying them in a bundle rather than buying them seperately. You can also just get the holo on its own, if the spirit moves you.


This badge is 25mm (or 1") which makes it pretty darn small and cute! There's a photo of me holding it in my hand showing the scale.

Self care isn't selfish badge

Want one or both?
  • Any pins, patches or prints can be ordered in bulk and I can provide a wholesale price upon request, just ping me a message! There is a minimum unit order for bulk discounts; the more you order the better deal you'll get, up to 60% off. In the case of pin buttons, charges for preparing artwork/text start at £2.50. For patches, this custom charge is from £5. Custom art/text prep charges depend on the complexity of the design and comes down to time spent on said prep. :)

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