A super cute - and fairly large (see below) - embroidered patch of one of my original designs (you'll recognise it from my enamel pins)! This patch features a black stitched background and a blue satin stitch border, with blue text that reads "your anxiety is lying to you".
This was actually the first patch I tried to stitch when I got my embroidery machine and it turned out AWFUL. I'm a lot better at it now, so here it finally is <3


♡ Every patch is made by me, in house, using an embroidery machine - so exciting (except when the needle breaks!) - these are made to order so be sure to check processing time!
♡ This patch has iron on interfacing on the back - application instructions come with your patch and I'd always recommend adding some support stitching too! (Especially for patches like this that have an irregular shape/border!)
♡ Size: approx 7cm tall by 10.5cm at the widest points (2.75" by 4.15") - may vary eeeever so slightly, patches are hand finished
♡ High quality embroidery thread on poly-cotton fabric with mesh stabiliser
♡ Colours may vary slightly due to different device screens - if you want different colours let me know (before you order please!); patches are made to order so a colour change won't cost extra unless I have to buy a colour of thread specifically for you 
♡ Hand finished, so there may be some very minor differences from the image - remember, you're buying handmade so your patch is totally unique! ♡

Your anxiety is lying to you embroidered patch


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