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Torso of the Week

April 6, 2017

So this week I wanted to make a blog post explaining torso of the week, and why I do it.


The idea of torso of the week came to me when I was listening to the Everything Everything song... called Torso of the Week. Featured are the following lyrics:


Girl you been hitting that treadmill like a freak

Maybe you're not quite the torso of the week


So for probably the dozenth time listening to this song I actually got to thinking like "torso of the week" that's a cool idea.


Not for the objectifying, leery connotations attached to the phrase though (just Google image search torso of the week and you'll see what I mean - don't worry, pretty SFW; though I've no idea why there's a random picture of Tony Blair in there...)


Anyway, I decided that I wanted to start a project that I would add to weekly called torso of the week (imaginative name, isn't it?) and that every week I would draw or paint a torso and make sure that I included buckets of body diversity.


That's the point of torso of the week for me.


It isn't about objectification, or cheap appreciation of the female form (as bangin' as it may be, in every shape and size it comes in). It's not even about drawing boobies (though that's great too).


It's about gratitude.


It's about respect.


Most of all it's about loving the house that you grew up in, for exactly what it is. No more, no less. It's about appreciation for the fact that your body has done nothing else for its entire existence than actively try to keep you alive, that's it.


Well, unless you've got like chronic autoimmune disease, in which case fuck you body, stop attacking your own cells you jerk! I'm just kidding, but I digress... I'm not always as in love with my body as I should be, I'll admit that.


But I try and be grateful for it and respect it as best I can, even if some days I don't like it very much. I'll always try to better it and myself, but if some days (or weeks) I can't, then that's fine too.


So here I've included a gallery of my Torso of the Week pieces so far (including a really fucked up and previously unseen Torso of the Week from w/c 26/12/16 which I originally thought my laptop ate, but actually it only ate the last hour or two of work so that's something)! I've also made a page in my projects section on this website which I will keep updated with my latest torsos! You can get at it here.




Have a beautiful day and try and cut your body some slack if you usually struggle to, it's (probably) doing the best it can (chronic illness yay).



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