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Intra- and inter-listing variations on Etsy to maximise sales potential

September 26, 2018

I don't like to make listings with loads of variables unless it's something fairly simple, like different colours or sizes (or whether you want [this pin] or [this pin] or [both pins at a small saving]).


I'll be using my sparkle holographic pronoun pin buttons as an example in this blog. If you don't like people using different pronouns (for example, someone preferring to be referred to by neutral pronouns rather than gendered ones), or you don't respect peoples' pronouns, kindly fuck off from this blog and everything to do with me forever, thanks. It's not that hard to respect someone's existence. Some people don't like gendered pronouns. There are more than two genders. Punks respect fucking pronouns.

I used to have all my pronoun pins listed separately and technically I still do. I have five different pronoun pins that I offer in the "sparkle holo" version at the moment:


- He Him

- He They

- She Her

- She They

- They Them


(I'll be adding more soon, but that's not relevant to this blog or this method of maximising sales on Etsy).


Before I started using intra- and inter-listing variation linking (I don't really know what to call it - it just kind of links all options for a certain "thing" - in this case, pronoun pins - together across multiple listings without asking the customer to follow loads of links in your description, which unfortunately a large proportion of people don't read anyway).


I never had all these pronouns in one listing (e.g. a listing for a "choose your own pronouns" badge) because one listing would clog up the title and tags... They them, she they, she her, he him, he they already uses up a heck of a lot of valuable title real estate and also uses five tags if you tag for each set of pronouns.


What I decided to do recently was actually make all five of my sets of pronouns available through each individual pronoun pin listing. This looks like the following:

 So, essentially: the listing specifically is for the "he they" version of this pronoun pin. Everything is geared towards that. The title describes that version of the pin, all the photos are of that pin, and the tags are all for that version of the pin (I haven't used any of the tags to describe the other versions, for example tagging 'they them').


The only difference is the little drop down menu (which customers HAVE to go through before they can add the item to their cart; so they do have to willfully make a choice) with the title "pronouns?"


I always put the specific listing it's for in capitals, at the top. That way its the path of least resistance for the customer to find the one that they were looking at in the first place - in the above case, it's "HE THEY". The other options are simply listed in alphabetical order.


The main reason I did this was because I wanted to make it clear, without the customer having to wade through descriptions or follow numerous links, that I offer several versions of similar pins/designs. In this case, with the pronouns - not very many people sell dual pronouns.


"He they" and "she they" are dual pronouns, they are for people who are happy to be referred to by a gendered pronoun (e.g. "she") or a neutral one ("they").


I wanted to make it clear to customers who may have come looking for "they them" pronouns because they did not expect anybody to be selling "she they" or "he they" that I do, in fact, offer the latter options. I have had many a customer approach me (via message) and express how pleased they are about the fact that they could buy a cute "he they" pin because they couldn't find one anywhere else... And after implementing these variations, I've also had customers tell me that they didn't bother searching "he they" or "she they" because they assumed they wouldn't find anything; so they searched for "they them" instead and came across my listing, to find "he they" or "she they" in the drop down menu!


All this really does is provide a really easy route for customers to buy an item they were looking for, without making them jump through too many loops (see: links!)


I do put a little bit in the description about how to select what you want, just in case it's confusing. All it says is "come to this listing but want different pronouns? No matter! Just select your pronouns from the drop down menu."


I've seen many sellers do this with star sign jewellery (for example, they will list a Libra bracelet, but all the star signs will be available through that listing, and the same with all the other listings) and birthstone jewellery. It's a great way to have more listings and not clog up a very variable listing with too many keywords and tags.


I frequently get customers purchasing different pronouns through the listing that isn't for that specific pronoun now (i.e. coming to the "they them" listing but buying five "she her" pins instead)... most recently was overnight last night, where someone purchase one of each set of pronouns, all from the same listing.


I've started rolling this out for my listings that I sell in pairs now too, and this works well also. Take my hard of hearing pin pair for example... I listed these last night:

 I sell each of these pins individually and I sell them in a pair. This is how I've set up the variations:


Hello I am deaf please speak clearly


 2) "Lipreading"

 3) "Gimme both!"

I put a little bit in the description to explain which is which and that if you buy both together, you save money vs. buying them separately.


The other listings are set up similarly. For the lipreading pin, it's as above but "LIPREADING" is first on the list and in capitals. For the listing for the pair of pins together, it's as above but "GIMME BOTH!" is listed first in capitals. In the description I say you don't have to buy them both if you don't want to, just select which one you want from the drop down menu.


In my bracelet listings, I do something similar in that I used to have a specific listing for custom stamped bracelets... I still do, but now I make customisation available from EVERY bracelet listing (at the additional cost for customisation). I kept having people buy a standard bracelet and request customisation, which is not free, so I kept having to cancel and refund and direct them to the custom listing. Yep, even after I put a bit in the description about this not being a custom listing, you cannot customise this listing, if you want custom go here, yadda yadda...


So now in my bracelet listings I have the option to choose the phrase as advertised (e.g. "you are enough") or you can select "CUSTOM PHRASE" and pay the extra cost to have whatever you want stamped on the inside. This is a way of saving me time and stress and also maximises sales because someone may have come across a "standard" bracelet listing, but wanted custom and then it's right there for them, easy peasy!


So, I hope this kind of made some sense and I hope it helps you. I do believe that it's made a difference to my sales but I cannot assume that correlation is causation. All I know is that I've had a lot of people ordering "she her" from the "they them" listing and so on, and that maybe these people would not have even purchased if I hadn't made it that easy?


Do you do this? Does it work for you? Let me know!

Did reading so much about pronouns and non binary genders hurt your feelings? Fuck off then, why are you still here?

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