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On "awards for everything"

September 26, 2018

So recently I offered to send a free badge to someone because they had recently found a gender identity that fit them well and they were beginning to embrace it. I thought that was really cool, so I said I'd send them the badge for free because it's really cool that they're comfortable with being themselves.


I know a few people who think that this is coddling and like, why should I give someone a reward for just being themselves?


And people like that are precisely the reason why I do. Because for every person to come out as non-binary or transgender or genderfluid or asexual or demisexual or a myriad of other marginalised gender identities and sexual orientations, there are fucking thousands upon thousands of people screaming that they're wrong, they're confused, it's a phase, they're snowflakes, they're special, they just want an award, they just want to be different...



Why the fuck would I want to do this just to be different if this is what I get? Thousands of bigoted scumbags invalidating my fucking existence and telling me I'm wrong and that apparently they know me better than I fucking know myself and it's a phase and I'm confused?


Fuck that! (Fuck them!)


Being yourself in today's climate of being beaten down at every turn with shrieks of "snowflake!" deserves a fucking award you ignorant fucks, so I'm gonna give them no matter what you say.


Also don't @ me about gender and genitals because I did a whole thesis about the difference between sex and gender and I'll fucking take you the fuck down.

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