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Another easy recipe: aubergine, onion and bell pepper sheet bake with feta cheese

September 28, 2018

Another quick and easy recipe lifted from my external-to-this-website cooking blog. I hope you find it helpful!


You’re gonna see a lot of sheet bakes here, okay? Okay. You’ll probably also see lots of ingredients coming in cycles (like feta… I’m out of feta now though so that cycles over for a little while at least!)


This is another basic recipe which can be a quick hot snack or a quick light meal – it kind of depends on your portion size and how much you generally eat. Either way, here are those beautiful words: minimal prep. Aaaah.


Prep: 10 minutes for chopping and tossing

Cook: 15-25 minutes in the oven at 180-200 degrees C, depending on your desired level of doneness (you can’t really go wrong in my opinion – I love crispy lil slivers of aubergine!)

Total time start to finish: 25-35 minutes, depending on how confident/able you are when it comes to chopping the veg. I find it takes a little longer on bad joint days, when my wrists are sore, because I want to take care with my chopping and not add my fingers to the ingredients!


You need 6-7 (depending on whether you consider salt and pepper one ingredient or two) ingredients:

  • Aubergine – I used one, chopped into kinda chunky chip sized pieces

  • Onion – I used a little white onion and sliced it into thick half rings

  • Bell pepper – you can use your judgement with the amount of stuff in this recipe generally; for example, I used 2/3 of a red bell pepper because I used a third of the aforementioned bell pepper in a pasta salad for my dinner last night! Chopped into strips

  • Oil to coat (again, I used my favourite sundried tomato infused oil!

  • Salt and pepper to taste (you don’t have to add any though, the feta adds a nice saltiness)

  • Feta to add at the end if you want – as much as you like!

Chop up the aubergine, bell pepper and onion and toss onto a pan, add the oil, salt and pepper and coat the veggies. Throw it in the oven for 15-25 minutes at 180-200 degrees C and that’s it! Scoop it into a bowl when it comes out and crumble some feta over the top of the spirit moves you.


If you don’t want to add feta, this recipe can be entirely vegan provided you make sure you use a vegan oil (I use olive oil when I’m not using the magical sundried tomato oil, though I think that’s vegan too). With the feta, it’s still vegetarian (I think it is? Not all cheeses are vegetarian but I don’t think feta is made with rennet).

And there ya go! A snack or light meal, depending on your portioning, that only requires some chopping and tossing. I think this sheet bake is bloody delicious but then again I would say that. If you have really high sheet bake standards, try not to judge me too harshly!


I hope the above “recipe” (I use that term loosely, haha!) will be a useful, simple addition to your repertoire. Take care and remember, self care isn’t selfish!

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