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I've been eating (drinking?) a lot of Cup-A-Soup lately

September 28, 2018

And that's okay.


This post is kind of a reminder to you - and to myself - that it's cool if your self care doesn't look like everyone else's (for example, overnight oat, fancy rice bowls, etc.). There's nothing wrong with those things but sometimes I only have time to prioritise "getting some food in" rather than "getting something fancy that takes hours to make in".


And that's okay too.


So some days my lunch is a cup-a-soup. As I get busier in the run up to Christmas, more days are probably going to be cup-a-soup too. I'm okay with that. I always have a proper meal in the evening with my husband and if I get the chance, I make myself something more substantial for lunch but sometimes it's cup-a-soup or nothing.


So that is what I came here to say - it's alright if your self care or nutrition is "that or nothing". Sometimes that's all you can do. I love me a sheet bake though; there are some of my sheet bake recipes on this blog now but sometimes that's not possible. So I always have cup-a-soup in the pantry so that I can at least have something to eat at lunch time (or at like 3pm when I remember that I should probably have eaten lunch).


Incidentally, today I'm having veggie burgers because Aldi makes the most delightful veggie burgers and I'm in LOVE with them!


So yeah, this has been a post. Nobody's self care is the same and that's alright. Sometime's it's a rice bowl day, sometimes it's a cup-a-soup day!

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